what we do

What Drives us Nuts...

As advanced as we are, there are HUGE inefficiencies in the Recruiting world.  That's where Talent Squirrels come in.  We provide... 


1) On-Line Process Analysis: We capture and study your process to identify golden nuggets where things can be improved.


2) Qualitative Recruiter Analysis: Our basic package included 15 perfect resumes with emails and phone numbers submitted to a specific region or recruiter.  Our Talent Squirrel experts will act as Purple Squirrels (the perfect candidate) and document how your recruiting team performs.  This can be over the phone or in person!! All voicemails, texts and interviews are recorded, transcribed, rated and bundled in a nice tidy report.  This can be a 1x check, or as frequent as you need.


3) Quantitative Recruiter Analysis:  Got bigger problems?  We can craft 100-1000 perfect resumes and track how many of these candidates get called.  Again recorded, transcribed, rated and bundled into a nice tidy report.


x-factor. Variations on a theme?  Are you concerned about Diversity?  Ethnicity? Gender? Is your team good at recruiting competition?  Are your Hiring Managers or executives being too picky or inappropriate?  We can solve for that too... let's talk.


The Technical Stuff

It's pretty simple... let's find the root of why your team is struggling to recruit.  Our patented system is straight forward and repeatable.  Let us help you improve your process and your team!

Our Expertise

We are nutty.  Like you, our team has recruited for years and we know what the perfect nut looks like, talks like and acts like. Let's see how your team handles things when you're not watching.